Food Sovereignty in a Small Maine Town

Food Sovereignty in a Small Maine Town

The small town of Sedgwick, Maine declared universal food sovereignty. But what does that mean?

According to a local food ordinance that recently passed there, it means that any food-based transaction for home consumption is free and legal, no matter what state or federal regulations have to say about it. That means embracing small food producers and cottage food operations selling to individuals who are going to eat that food. It doesn’t cover the same transactions if the food is for distribution or resale.

Nathan at our sister site Planetsave wrote a great piece on the new rules in Sedgwick, Maine. You can check the whole thing out below.

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The Revolutionary Free Food Trade Ordinance Of The Small Town Of Sedgwick, Maine (via Planetsave)

Have you heard of the small town of Sedgwick, Maine? Maybe you should have, as the town enacted a somewhat revolutionary ordinance declaring β€œfood sovereignty” β€” any normal type of food transaction is absolutely free and legal, regardless of state…

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