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When you’re eating vegan, hummus is pretty much a food staple. It’s a safe bet when you’re eating out, and friends often put some out as a snack at parties. This means that I eat a lot of hummus, so you can imagine my delight when the folks at Tribe offered to send some samples of their new Origins line.

The downside to eating a lot of hummus is that I can be a little bit picky about it. I tend to go for unique flavors, and texture is very important to me.

My huge box of hummus arrived, and I was overwhelmed with how much was in there! Normally, samples are, you know, sample sized. This was four, full sized tubs of hummus. They sent one in each Origins flavor: zesty spice and garlic, spicy red pepper, tomato and veggie, and classic.

Two weeks later, I’ve torn through all four tubs. The spicy red pepper was definitely my favorite. It had a really deeply seasoned flavor. The zesty spice and garlic was a close second. I expected to love the tomato and veggie, but the classic had a nice, lemony flavor that was pleasantly surprising and beat it out for third.

It had a nice texture that reminded me of home made hummus. Overly creamy hummus reminds me a little bit of mayonnaise, and none of these had that problem. It almost had the thickness of a more traditional bean dip, which was perfect for sandwiches and for dipping.

The other thing that was great about the Tribe hummus was the ingredients list. Aside from citric acid, the list wasn’t very different from what I’d put into hummus I made at home. It’s always refreshing to have an ingredients list that’s short and full of actual food!

Have you had a chance to try Tribe Origins? What did you think about it?

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by geishabot

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