Food News Roundup: Monsanto Lawsuit, GMOs in the EU, Sugar’s Effects on Tastebuds and More

lima beans
Once again, and my to do list is full of a whole range of food-related stories from across the Important Media Network and across the web that I wanted to share with you.

Monsanto Under Federal Investigation

The Huffington Post reports that Monsanto is once again under investigation, this time for a shady cash incentives program.

Rising Temperatures Melting Away Global Food Security

Our sister site, Sustainablog, takes a look at how global warming is impacting food production. It’s definitely worth a read!

Two Sugary Drinks a Day Can Dull Taste Buds, Study Claims

According to a recent study, just two sugary drinks a day can alter how you perceive sweet tastes, heightening the craving for sweets. The Guardian’s Steve Morris has the whole scoop.

Local Berry Picking: Sustainable Fun for the Whole Family!

Our sister site, Insteading, talks about the benefits of picking your own berries this summer. It’s a great way to enjoy healthy, local food while you spend some quality time with your loved one!

EU Lawmakers Give Backing for National GM Crop Bans

This sounds like good news, but it may actually lead to more GM crops in the European Union. The legislation basically lets each country decide whether to ban GM crops or not.

Bottle Water’s Newest Greenwash: Organic Water

Priti Ambani at our sister site, Ecopreneurist highlights a ridiculous new campaign from the bottled water industry: organic bottled water. Nice try!

Lima Beans: Not Your Ordinary Phaseolus Vulgaris

At another of our sister sites, Ecolocalizer, Urban Artichoke makes a case for a bean that often gets a bad rep: the noble lima bean.

Image via Ecolocalizer

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