Creative Worlds Collide When Food Meets Art at “They Draw And Cook”

TDAC Italian Lemon Ice

A cook — like an artist — applies tools and techniques to raw materials to produce something new. Some follow recipes, measuring exactly, and carefully monitoring time and temperature. Others wing it, shunning measurement devices and pronouncing doneness based on experience and intuition.

What’s really lovely about cooking and art is the creativity we all use when doing either. Even if you don’t consider yourself creative, you are if you cook, whether you’re making blue box mac and cheese or a four-course farm-to-table meal. Even if you don’t consider yourself creative, you are if you doodle, sew, or draw on the sidewalk with thick chunks of chalk.

If you do both — like the people who contribute to one of my favorite sites, They Draw & Cook — you’re just plain awesome.

Check Out Amazingly Illustrated Recipes from “They Draw & Cook”

I’ve stalked the artists at They Draw & Cook (TDAC) for a while and considered writing about them more than once. TDAC was dreamed up by a brother and sister team that likes to draw, likes to cook, and realized how inspiring those two passions colliding could be.

Numerous artists contribute recipes of all sorts, illustrated in unimaginably innovative ways. From the site:

The artists whose work you see in this website are a varied and talented bunch. Some of them are professional illustrators and practicing artists, while others are passionate doodlers and drawers, and a few have only recently begun to draw. A special thanks goes out to all them for joining in the fun and helping turn They Draw & Cook into a treasure trove of inspiration!

You can search the recipes by course, ingredient, and artistic style. You can also sign up to receive messages as new recipes are posted. I get an email every week or so highlighting a collection of artwork, themed culinarily but incredibly diverse artistically. My last message brought me a collection titled “Lemon-Y-Licious.” One of my favorite illustrated recipes sits as this post’s featured image. Here is another, specifically included for my sister Ann, who eats raw broccoli with hummus.

TDAC Simple and Easy Hummus by Kristin Jackson

The art of food intrigues me — as does the concept of food as art. TDAC brings these two passions together in a delightful way. And how much more fun is it to cook from a work of art instead of text on a page or iPad screen? What do you think? Take a moment to scan the site, and let us know which artistically-rendered recipes you’ll try.

Image Credits and Inspiration: Italian Lemon Ice by Chani Stanley and Simple & Easy Hummus by Kristin G Jackson

  1. Jennifer

    Ever since I made macaroni necklaces as a child, I knew food was art. It’s not always so literal but it’s always beautiful and delicious. Whatever median you decide to use, be it, paint, water color or even mash potatoes, it’s all creative in my eyes. I enjoyed reading this article. Unique and insightful!

  2. Ann

    This is such a fun website! Seriously, there’s a recipe for spinach cake! I’m also antsy to try the hummus recipe but need to get a new food processor. (In my opinion, a food processor that cannot grate cheese deserves to have the motor burn out.)

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