Food Map Shows What’s Seasonal

food.jpgEating seasonally is getting easier as the weather warms and the produce picks up.Β  Need a quick, go-to reference for eating seasonally?Β  Find it, after the jump…

Epicurious has a great new application called the Peak-Season Map.Β  Just click on the month and state you are interested in, and a list of fruits and vegetables that are usually available in that area during that time will pop up.Β  Check out what’s around in your area in the near future, or, if you’re planning a vacation soon, what will be seasonal wherever you are heading.

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  1. Conservationist

    Sounds delicious! I’ve found a local food co-op here that has started to recommend seasonal items on a large blackboard. The advantage of this is that a greater volume is sold, so they get cheaper. I’m enjoying being creative in preparing meals.

  2. Rose

    Interesting site! However they need to debug the data a bit. It told me I could find local apples in Idaho in May! :) I guarantee unless they mean dried I’m out of luck.

  3. Sharon Troy

    A great tool, but it still seems pretty limited. I didn’t see avocados on the list in California for any month, and I have a hunch there are some other fruits and veggies they’re leaving out.

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