Food Insecurity from Climate Change — Biggest Climate Story of the Year?

food security threatened by climate change

I’ve written about the link between food security (or insecurity) and climate change several times here on Eat Drink Better this year, and others have as well. Here are 11 of our topΒ climate change & food posts from the past year:

  1. Heat, Not Just Precipitation Changes, a Major Crop Concern
  2. Peanut Butter Prices Rising Due to Climate Change
  3. Global Warming Threatens Chocolate
  4. A Changing Climate is Changing Plants
  5. UN: More Sustainable Farming Needed to Feed the World
  6. New York Times, Oxfam, & Others Pick Up the Climate Change–Food Insecurity Story
  7. Food Security & Global Weirding
  8. Food Prices Rising Fast in U.S., More to Come?
  9. Climate Change Is Making Food Less Safe
  10. Climate Change and Rise in Food Prices
  11. Global Food Supply Issues & Chance of Food Riots

But we’re not the only ones focusing more and more on such issues. In fact, Dr Joe Romm, widely considered the top climate change blogger on the interwebs, has declared it the top climate change story of the year. Unfortunately, the problem isn’t getting any better (as we slowly act to stop global warming), but I think it is going to become a much more prominent topic in mainstream media in the year to come, which I hope will help stimulate more action.

Here’s a repost of part of Joe Romm’s piece, preceded by a short intro by me (via Planetsave):

Climate change & food production map via Climate Trends and Global Crop Production Since 1980

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