Food, Inc. The Companion Guide

Finally, it’s in my hands.  I’ve been waiting for what feels like EONS for my copy of Food, Inc. (Edited by Karl Weber) to arrive.  I first laid eyes on this delightful book on a shopping trip to Whole Foods Market and was prompted by husband to not buy it that day because surely we could get our hands on it for less.  Once again, he was right.

The book is a companion to help one further explore the issues raised in the documentary, Food, Inc. Starring Eric Schlosser and directed by Robert Kenner.  I haven’t yet had the opportunity to watch the documentary, but I’m near to frothing and not sure I can wait for it to hit DVD and my Netflix queue.

The companion book contains 13 essays to explore the facts behind the problems we see in the news every day, issues like hunger, human rights, tainted food and pollution.

Chapter five details The Ethanol Scam, “The huge corn ethanol mandates imposed by Congress in the early years of this century may be the single most misguided agricultural program in modern American history.”  The essay by Robert Bryce then goes on to state, “In May 2008, the Congressional Research Service blamed recent increases in global food prices on two factors: increased grain demand for meat production and the biofuels mandates.”

Step back into Chapter Four and take a look at Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods and Crops by Ronnie Cummins.  Here we find a take I haven’t thought of (and isn’t that why we read?)… food allergies could be caused or worsened by Genetically Engineered (GMO) Foods.  Makes me wonder if this is part of why my 7 year old has so many food allergies?

And then take a step forward into Chapter Nine and explore Ten Steps to Starting a Community Garden by the American Community Gardening Association.   Here we find ten simple steps (about 2 pages in length) to help every community start gardening with limited resources.

Wrapping up Chapter Thirteen, we get Produce to the People, A Prescription for Health.  Yes, indeed… the local Farmers Market may help make you healthier. Can you imagine a world where medical professionals prescribe healthy greens instead of drugs? I can, and I like what I see.

This book will be on my bookshelf for years to come (that is when its not being borrowed by any one of the friends who filter through the house each week).

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4 thoughts on “Food, Inc. The Companion Guide”

  1. Wow! A greenie book making people all excited! Buy an extra few million copies as many of us certainly won’t be.

    Surprising that one can sell such drivel.

  2. Russ;
    Thanks for the comment. Please stay ignorant and please keep eating the way you do. Darwin will take care of the rest. (BTW, got any allergies, headaches, etc? thank your unregulated, untested GMO foods for that.)

    Best regards

  3. There’s ignorance, and then there is paranoia. I ask: If GMO foods have been untested, how do you know they cause headaches and allergies? It seems more likely that pesticides cause headaches and eating foods mostly derived from corn (a lack of variety & exposure) would cause food insensitivities.

    Also, Darwin is dead, and evolution is about species surviving as a whole. Russ eating at McDonalds three times a day is bad for him and may kill him, but it will not effect our entire species. If you and I and the rest of the “greenies” eat well enough and present reasoned/data supported arguments for change, it will all work out in the end.


  4. Hi Jamie, I can understand your enthusiasm and impatient for the book. It has created quite a storm and a lot of people have a lot to say about it; both for and against the documentary especially. It is good to be exposed to new thought but we also need to make sure that everything presented to us is substantiated with authentic proof. Its good to be sure.

    Hope you get your hands on the book soon!
    Joost Hoogstrate

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