FoodHub’s New Interactive Infographic Connects You With Local Food

Food Hub Infographic Connects You With Local, Sustainable Food

We live with information overload — inboxes out of control, browser bookmarks disorganized, to-do lists overflowing.

So, when I find a good source — one that cuts through the crap and organizes information that’s important to me in a way that makes sense, I get a bit giddy. That happened today, when I got an e-mail from Ecotrust touting a new infographic from FoodHub, an Ecotrust site that seeks to connect local food producers with buyers and distributors (mostly on the west coast for now).

The new infographic (which is really an online tool) provides resources for local food producers, buyers, and distributors — but also reaches out to people who want to support local food. It’s interactive and beautifully designed. And it has great potential to help us ordinary humans get to know more about local food resources.

The tool takes a user-focused approach to organize its information.

  • The Farming section supports growers by providing easy access to information on tools like CSAware and Eggzy that can help them get their food into customers’ mouths.
  • The Aggregating area provides links to software that helps food hubs, CSAs, farmers markets, and food co-ops operate.
  • The Distributing section guides people to tools that help get food from point A to point B. I’ll be honest — I don’t understand how all this works — which makes me even happier to discover this resource!
  • The Finding category is my favorite. FoodHub has compiled a list of resources to help me find local farmers, farmers markets, and restaurants that focus on local food.
  • The Buying category is my runner up. It provides easy access to online sites for buying good, real, local food.

FoodHub’s icing is its resource list to help people who want to start a local food business make it happen. I will leverage that information as I try to get my urban herb farm established in Dallas.

The FoodHub crew admits it hasn’t captured every relevant resource, and it welcomes input and feedback from those of us who care. So if you want to support a great  one-stop shop for local food resources, go take a look, and give them a shout with additional information to include. You can also simply comment on this post, and I will make sure your feedback gets to the FoodHub peeps.

FoodHub – thank you for the info. Please expand soon.

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