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Food Crisis Quote of the Week
β€œThe essential purpose of food, which is to nourish people, has been subordinated to the economic aims of a handful of multinational corporations that monopolize all aspects of food production, from seeds to major distribution chains, and they have been the prime beneficiaries of the world crisis,” H. E. M. Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann, President of the General Assembly of the UN.

Large Reductions in Usage of Agrichemicals May Not Impact Yield
“The results suggest that large reductions in agrichemical use can be compatible with high crop yields and profits,” says Dr. Matt Liebman, an agronomy professor at Iowa State University.

A Good Reason to Have a Cup of (Shade Grown) Coffee
University of Michigan researchers say shade-grown Latin American coffee provides a natural buffer against the ravages of climate change in the coming decades. Shade grown coffee also boosts biodiversity, and requires far less synthetic fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides than sun-coffee plantations.

California First State Requiring Calorie Counts on Menu Boards
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger put the pen to legislation that will put calorie counts on chain restaurant menus and menu boards.

Smaller is Better
Large-scale livestock confinements are far less financially lucrative to communities and pay workers less than medium-sized operations that tend to spend more money locally, a report released September 23, 2008 concludes.

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