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9 Delicious Ways to Cook Broccoli
raw broccoli
Broccoli is an excellent food for liver health!

Your liver works hard. Give it a boost by avoiding foods that tax your liver and eating these foods that support liver health.

We often think of our livers as the organ that suffers when we drink too much booze, but it’s actually responsible for metabolizing our food and filtering out all of the toxins that we eat or drink. That could mean alcohol, salt, excess fat, pesticide residues – pretty much anything you ingest that can harm your body taxes your liver.

A lot of the discussion about food for liver health surrounds what you should not eat and drink. These include:

  • alcohol – I bet you remember this one from health class!
  • fried foods – Your body can only process so much, and when you eat high fat foods it’s hard on your liver.
  • salt – Just like with fat and alcohol, your body can only use so much salt. After that, it starts to damage your liver.
  • conventional produce – The more pesticides you ingest, the harder your liver has to work to detoxify your diet.

Remember: it’s all about moderation when it comes to your liver. One or two drinks a few times a week probably isn’t going to damage a healthy liver, but regular binge drinking is definitely problematic. Your body actually needs fat and salt to function. It’s when you’re over-indulging in fatty or salty foods on a regular basis that your liver is in trouble. That means the occasional order of fries isn’t going to hurt you, if you have a healthy liver, but a daily dose of fries could do some damage.

Whether you’re dealing with liver cancer or just want to protect this vital organ, check out the next page for some foods and drinks that can help!

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