Food Day Curriculum Guide

School NutritionThe folks at the Food Day site have put together a curriculum for healthy eating that can be used for elementary and middle school students.

The curriculum was developed by Pamela Koch and Isobel Contento, professors at Teachers College, Columbia University, and adapted from the Linking Food and the Environment Curriculum Series.

Five lessons help kids learn about the principles of Food Day. Lessons one through three cover β€œEat Real”, β€œMostly Plants”, and β€œNot Too Much”. These lessons talk about nutrition and portion size and use MyPlate, so they can probably be integrated with lessons already in use in the school.

Lesson four discusses what a food environment is. It includes grocery stores, restaurants, and gardens, but also advertisements on television and billboards. Teaching kids to be aware of what affects their food choices can help them to live healthier, longer lives.

Lesson five puts together the previous lessons and gives kids ideas and projects to change their food environment for the better.

The sixty-six page Food Day curriculum guide (pdf) comes with explanations, teacher resources, student activity sheets, suggested activities and field trips for extending the lesson, and more.

Food Day is on October 24 and will be celebrated by local groups in various ways. Some will have potlucks; some will have classes at the local farmers’ market. It’s not too late to organize your own Food Day get-together.

Image by Marshall Astor, used with Creative Commons license.

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