Food Crisis: India’s Grain Bubble

Food Crisis India

Because of climate change and over-irrigation, India may soon be facing a food crisis.

Grains like wheat and rice are dietary staples for many Indian households, but the water supply that nourishes the vast majority of their grain crops is beginning to run out. This is not the first time that India has faced a grain-related food crisis. Back in the 60s a drought drastically reduced the grain yields, and the U.S. had to send massive amounts of grain to prevent widespread starvation.

Lester Brown was part of the efforts to relieve India’s grain problem then, and he’s very concerned about their grain harvests now. He shared a detailed account of India’s potential food crisis on our sister site, Sustainablog, and you can read the entire article here, as well.

{Image Credit: Lola Tsvetaeva / Shutterstock.com}

India’s Dangerous β€˜Food Bubble’ (via sustainablog)

By Lester R. Brown India is now the world’s third-largest grain producer after China and the United States. The adoption of higher-yielding crop varieties and the spread of irrigation have led to this remarkable tripling of output since the early…

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