Food Crisis in 2011: Forbes Prediction

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According to Forbes, the rise in food prices is accelerating, and this is just the beginning. They’re predicting a food crisis in 2011 to rival the food shortages back in 2008.

JP Morgan Chase’s comparison shopping revealed that even Wal-Mart’s raised prices on key items, and the folks at Forbes say we can expect prices to go up even more in the coming months. Corn prices are already up by 63%, and wheat costs a whopping 84% more since the beginning of this year.

What’s Causing Price Increases?

A couple of big disasters are at the heart of the problem. First off, Russia has stopped all grain exports because a severe drought damaged so much of the harvest. Floods and droughts in the Midwest mean that corn production is way down this year.

Many believe that extreme weather conditions like this are the result of climate change.

What Can We Do?

Back in 2008, victory gardens made a resurgence, and if food prices skyrocket once again, home grown food is going to be one powerful way that we can take control of our food budgets.

If your gardening skills are limited or you don’t have the space for a full on food garden, foraging for edibles is a great option. Just make sure you educate yourself before heading out into the woods looking for wild eats.

So, what about you guys? How would you cope with inflated food prices?

[Via: Forbes.]

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7 thoughts on “Food Crisis in 2011: Forbes Prediction”

  1. This is nothing compared to whats going to happen 10 years from now, when over 3 billion people (mainly India, china and Brazil) will want to consume food in the same manner people in the west do

  2. It’s so funny to me that so many people thought Gleenn Beck was nuts 2 years ago when he predicted all the crap going on right now. If everyone was smart they would pay attention to what he has to say this week because YOUR future and life could depend on it….GO ahead make fun of him and what he states….Ill see you at my door askig for hand outs…WAKE UP. He only sounds scary to those without a brain…He makes people think and thats what people are afraid of..our cushy life and the thought of Government always doing whats right for the people is insane…look around does it look OK to you…REALLY !!! Rep. or Dem they are all crooks ad …listen…stock up and grow a garden and pay attention you will be screwed if you dont.

  3. When Glenn Beck said to get out of the stock market, I did. It crashed a few weeks later. When Glenn Beck stated that the folks at the Fed would do Quantitative Easing (deliberate devaluation of the dollar) everyone thought he was crazy because Ben Bernake was sitting in front of Congress telling them under oath they weren’t going to monetize our debt. Again, Glenn was right.

    Now Glenn is telling us food is going to be expensive and there will be a manufactured crises made by those who wish to minipuate the masses. What better crisis than a food crisis to help our Commie friends like Obama tell us how much the government wants to help save us from the disaster they created. It’s all good.

    Hard times are ahead. You can either site in your pre-Katrina slumber and wait for the government to show up with your food and water or you can take measures in your own hands. Now is the time to decide. Just think of Katrina if you are expecting good things from your government.

  4. Victory gardens helped during the Depression when about 80 percent of the country still lived fairly rural if not agrarian lifestyles. Today the opposite is true and the generational connection to our ancestor’s Knowledge has been severed. People must overcome this loss by using the benefits of free knowledge if there is to be any chance of staving off a food holocaust. I have compiled and organic gardening report and audio that can be downloaded for free from my blog-hope this helps

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