Food & Climate Change [VIDEO]

climate change & agriculture

Food and climate change don’t get discussed much together. Well, they do in certain circles, but not in the mass media. But our food system is a leading contributor to climate change, and is also one of the areas to be most strongly effected by climate change.

The following is an excellent video on the links between climate change and our food systems.

In its own introduction to the great video it’s created, WHY Hunger writes:

“What is simultaneously one of the greatest contributors to climate change and one of its greatest potential solutions? Believe it or not, it’s how we farm and eat. Indeed, food and climate change are inextricably linked. The same global food system that is making us sick, increasing food insecurity, and polluting the environment is also contributing to climate change. Climate change, in turn, is contributing to rising rates of hunger and food insecurity. But the good news is all of us can be part of the solution.”

Watch the full video here:
[vimeo id=11923174]

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Photo Credit: ecstaticist via flickr

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