Five Refreshing, No-Calorie Ways To Dress Up Water

It’s getting hot in St Louis.  Not just hot, but stiflingly humid.  It’s impossible to not sweat. It’s days like this where it’s more important than ever to remain hydrated, but plain water just doesn’t cut it sometimes, and it doesn’t have to.  You don’t need to turn to a HFCS-laden soda to find a tasty summer beverage.  Here’s five easy, refreshing, and practically no-calorie ways to dress up your refrigerator’s cold water pitcher, providing much-needed flavor when you’re trying to beat the heat.

1. Add a sliced cucumber and lemon to your water pitcher for a subtle, yet incredibly refreshing, flavor.

2. Slice a tablespoon or two of fresh ginger and two small limes into your water pitcher for a cooler with a kick to it.

3.  You absolutely can’t go wrong with mint tea.  Add three mint tea bags to a pitcher of water.  Let steep in the sun for a few hours.  Chill in fridge.

4.  Muddle a sliced orange in a large pitcher.  Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract.  Add water and ice.  Reminisce of youth spent eating dreamsicles.

5.  Check out Jennie’s Lavender Lemon Soda recipe for a carbonated treat.

Need something sweeter?  Add a touch of honey or raw sugar to any of the above.

For another tasty summer beverage, check out Megan’s Lavender Lemonade.

3 thoughts on “Five Refreshing, No-Calorie Ways To Dress Up Water”

  1. Great ideas.

    Yesterday I tried mint tea from the Sun. A handful of fresh peppermint in a large container of water. A hot afternoon in the sun and it tasted great.

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