Five Great Resources for Finding Seasonal Food

Yum! Spring vegetables!

The weather here in Atlanta is warming up, and it’s got us craving delicious dinner salads and the lighter dishes that go along with warmer weather. If you’re looking include more local, seasonal produce in your own cooking, we’ve got some resources for you!

  1. We’re loving this farm to table ingredient map from Epicurious. It even links to recipes!
  2. Over at Sustainable Table, you can search by state and by month for what’s fresh near you.
  3. The NRDC has another simple dropdown system where you can specify state and season.
  4. Wise Bread provides a more simplified version, listing produce by month and leaving region out of the equation.
  5. If you’re looking for full recipes, Harvest Eating allows you to search by season.

So, what’s going on in your kitchens? Are you starting to see more springtime fruits and veggies, or has your area not quite gotten out of soup and stew season?

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Summer Tomato

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