Five Food Charities

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Not sure what to do with that Christmas money Santa left you? Perhaps you shopped all the sales and came in under budget for the season. Or maybe you haven’t maxed out your tax-deductible charitable contributions for 2013. These five food charities would appreciate your donations.

After the winter holidays, donations to charities of all sorts fall. With the November cuts to food stamps and more cuts looming once the Farm Bill gets passed, many families will be coming up short of meals in the next few months.

5 Food Charities

1. Feeding America – This organization feeds hungry families in the United States. They served about three billion meals in 2013. If you donate before midnight Central time December 31, Bank of America will give $2 for every $1 you give. Donate online here.

2. Heifer International – My favorite Christmas gift this year was a donation in my name of a hive of honeybees to a family who needs the income. Heifer International takes the philosophy of the that old saw about teaching a man to fish and puts it into action. Browse their gift catalog to see what sort of projects they finance.

3. Share Our Strength – More than sixteen million children in the U.S. go hungry each day. Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry program seeks to put an end to childhood hunger. Donate to them to reach hungry kids in your area.

4. Sustainable Harvest International – SHI provides farmers in Central America with the know-how and the tools to farm sustainably, lifting people out of poverty while saving tropical forests. They provide long-term assistance to ensure the success of the programs and the people involved. Donate here.

5. Local Food Banks – Charity Navigator rates charitable organizations on several criteria. You can search their database for charities meeting your own criteria. There are nearly 200 food-related charities in their database, most of them local food banks.

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  1. Mary Gerush

    Great ideas Heather! Thanks for sharing when sometimes we get more selfish than selfless. One year I donated a goat via Heifer Intl. in honor of my dad whose nickname is Goatus. He has everything he needs already and really loved it. Such a unique way to think about the holidays.

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