First VegFest Oahu is Coming This Fall!

Veg Fest Oahu
Honolulu is hosting host its first ever vegan festival. VegFest Oahu is on September 24, 2016 from 1:00 pm to 6:30 pm.

Honolulu is hosting host its first ever vegan festival. The very first VegFest Oahu is coming this fall!

The first VegFest Oahu is a free event. It’s the first of its kind in Honolulu and will bring together an array of veg-friendly goodness for vegans and omnivores alike.

VegFest Oahu celebrates plant-based, sustainable living with delicious vegan food from local restaurants, inspiring speakers discussing health and environmental topics, and with plant-based cooking demos by local chefs. They’re also hosting conscious music and entertainment on the main stage. You can find vendors offering green and wellness products at the Wellness Market.

VegFest Oahu’s mission is to educate Hawaii’s community about the many benefits of choosing plant-based foods and lifestyle to improve health, contribute to solutions for climate change and encourage compassion for animal welfare.

“VegFests have been happening all over the world for years and now the time is right to bring it to Hawaii,” says Joy Waters, VegFest Oahu Festival Producer. “We will offer tools and inspiration that help make it easier to move towards a vegan diet. And, through this event, we want to help build an engaged community that supports plant-based living as a part of our local culture.”

The first VegFest Oahu is currently recruiting for event staff, both for planning and day-of activities. Find all the opportunities to engage here. You can find them on Facebook to check in on the status or check them out online to learn more.

Current sponsors of the first VegFest Oahu include:

Dislosure: I was not compensated by VegFest Oahu for this post. I’m just thrilled that it’s happening and wanted to spread the word!

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