Feeding the Hungry with Food Waste

Campus Kitchen is taking leftover food from college cafeterias and local businesses and feeding the hungry.

In the video above, you can see he story of one Campus Kitchen chapter and how the students involved aren’t just feeding the hungry. They’re taking the mission to reduce food waste to heart.

We waste 40 percent of the food that we produce. Last week, Mary wrote a bit about the power of valuing our food more to reduce waste, and I think that is exactly what Campus Kitchen is tapping into as they’re feeding the hungry. The food waste that these chapters use is completely edible. By recovering that food waste, they’re passing that value on to people who need it.

Right now, 42 schools have a chapter of Campus Kitchen, according to Sustainablog. The group collects leftover food from college dining halls and using them to create meals for people in need. That adds up to a lot of meals and a lot of food waste diverted from landfills.

In fact, in the 2013-2014 school year alone, when the group had 36 chapters, Campus Kitchen recovered 939,034 pounds of food and served up 271,967 meals across the U.S. You can see more of Campus Kitchen’s impact in the infographic below. Click the image to view a full-sized version:

Feeding the Hungry with Food Waste

The group partners with community organizations to deliver meals. Feeding the hungry while keeping food waste out of lanfills? High five, Campus Kitchen!

Image Credit: Campus Kitchen

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  1. Many thanks for the work you are doing from the folks at Food Shift! We have a similar mission, with the creation of sustainable food recovery programs at the forefront. Check out foodshift.net to connect with us and learn more!

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