Feds Looking to Outlaw Alcoholic Energy Drinks

The Federal government is looking to ban alcoholic energy drinks on the assumption that the FDA will find that caffeine is an unsafe additive to alcohol.Β  The FDA has been investigating the safety of alcoholic energy drinks for about a year, and recently gave producers of such drinks 30 days to prove their safety.

To date, there is not any real, scientific evidence that caffeinated alcoholic beverages are more dangerous than regular alcohol beverages; however, it is said that caffeine can make one feel more alert and able to perform a task, such as driving.

Combining this effect with teenage stupidity can be a bad combination, I agree, but banning a drink doesn’t get to the root cause of the problem.Β  Teenagers always do stupid things, so they will drink something else if this is banned.Β  Clearly, banning things doesn’t work because isn’t alcohol already banned for teenagers?Β  Huh.Β  Maybe we should teach a little bit of responsibility rather than banning everything that could be dangerous…

The sketchy marketing tactics of these companies should perhaps be better regulated so that these types of drinks are labeled in a clear and consistent way and aren’t underhandedly marketed towards younger, inexperienced drinkers.Β  If this happened, it’s likely that these companies would go out of business anyway.Β  I mean, how manyΒ  of-age drinkers actually drink 4 Loko regularly?

Source: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5iWmB9iuNLZYN6dW8WR04wNxwT2nQ?docId=78ed34ce00664ee18a57dfb898777e81


Photo credit: Flickr Creative Commons by chrisostermann

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  1. Joe

    We don’t need more regulation from mindless bureaucrats. Don’t they realize that people were already mixing alcohol such as vodka with Redbull for a decade?

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