FDA to Decide on BPA by March 31: Voices, Please!

water bottlesDue to mounting evidence, the FDA recently targeted BPA for safety review. They promise a decision by the end of March, and need to hear from you: if you don’t want BPA in your food, tell ’em so!

Bisphenol-A (BPA) sneaks into our food and beverages by seeping from packaging materials into bottled drinks, canned goods, and other foods. Β A growing body of research linksΒ BPAΒ withΒ coronary artery disease,Β reproductive problems, early puberty, hyperactivity, endocrine dysfunction, obesity, and autism.

There’s a growing awareness in the US that BPA is a problem, and other markets have already beat us to banning the stuff for use in food packaging. Earlier this month I wrote about BPA‘s troubled future in the US, based on new health and safety research combined with growing public awareness of the problems BPA brings to the table.

This FDA safety review is the best chance we have to limit future BPA exposure, for US consumers.

Sign here to tell the FDA to embrace the future! You know what they say: the squeaky wheel gets the BPA-free grease!

The FDA needs to know that consumers are watching this issue, and that we don’t want BPA in our food. Share this with someone you know who eats food in the US, before March 31!

Read here if you want to go ahead and avoid BPA, while the FDA processes our collective no-BPA squeak.

Image credit: Creative Commons photo by shrff14.

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