FDA Orders Morningland Dairy to Destroy 50,000 Pounds of Raw Cheese

The FDA recently ordered Morningland Dairy, a small family farm in Missouri, to destroy 50,000 pounds of raw cheese.

It all started when Morningland got caught up in the Rawesome Food Club raid in California a few months ago. Morningland cheese was confiscated by FBI, FDA, California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), and Health Department agents who entered the raw food club with guns drawn.

On August 24th, 55 days after the Rawesome raid, the CDFA reported it had found dangerous Listeria and Staphylococcus bacteria in two Morningland cheeses.

Since then, Morningland Dairy has been visited by the FDA and the Missouri Milk Board, and have been ordered to destroy all their cheese stock – some 8 months of work – the value of which is approximately $250,000.

The FDA also recently announced a nationwide recall of Morningland cheese, even though no one has reported any illness from Morningland products in the dairy’s 30-year history.

Morningland asserts that the CDFA analysis and subsequent tests were illegitimate, but the dairy’s efforts to convince the Missouri Milk Board to retest its inventory have been unsuccessful.

Devotees of raw dairy are concerned that the FDA is trying to enact an outright ban on raw cheese. This idea is particularly troubling given that many of the finest cheeses in the world are made from raw milk.

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13 thoughts on “FDA Orders Morningland Dairy to Destroy 50,000 Pounds of Raw Cheese”

  1. That kind of artillery is suspect. Do you notice those agencies rounding up around lethal Pharmaceuticals or Monsanto product? No way.

  2. As long as it’s clearly labeled as ‘raw’ cheese and the consumer knows what he’s buying, the feds should keep their noses out and go after more important targets such as the contaminated foods/drugs/cosmetics coming in from abroad.

  3. Eliminate all the reasonable, healthy and decent choices and then only the, chemical, GMO, nutrient void, disease causing, dumbing down, unhealthy mass industrial food producers who control these “Regulatory” agencies will be left to take the $$$ for so-called “Food.”

    They don’t want a single example of decent because it contrasts so obviously to their filthy disgusting methods.

      1. I do as well. Given all of the food safety issues that have arisen with big agriculture and big industry, the government feels that they have to crack down on someone to prove that they can protect us from our food. Unfortunately that someone is small farmers – the very people that give us the safest food.

    1. right on ! they don’t regulate much of anything except the flow of the $$ bill and the desire to control. they are exactly that.. filthy and disgusting!
      if only the people, as a mass, knew the power we have to run them off for good… hopefully before it is too late.

  4. Why in the world would the so called law officials need to draw their guns for such an investigation? None of it makes any sense and it’s just another example of our wasteful government and their ignorance of truth (or worse their cover-up of the truth). My heart goes out to this farm… and I may add that the only reason my heart is healthy is because I eat RAW cheese.

  5. Chef Robert Morrow (retired)

    This is what we have created by those we have elected to represent us. The FDA is a government unelected by the people with no, I repeat NO controls. I have asked many times, why is the FDA and Pharmaceutical companies in joint effort are allowed to poison with deadly drugs and cause 5000 murders a month? No one speaks of this all most like Hitler’s gas chambers only it is poison drugs, pushed by the greatest of Drug pusher the MD’s. Again why doesn’t more people speak up to this uncontrolled FDA? Where is our elected officials. Mostly they want to hide this as it might cut into their bribe money. Lets us take on the poison milk products authorized by the corrupt FDA. It is poison to our system and yet it is allowed. Why, MONEY and POWER and not for the people to live good and make their own decisions. I am responsible for my action and not the corrupt FDA who sold their SOULS for Money and POWDER. The Time is now to throw out the corrupt and cut all funding to the FDA. The breaking of the last straw should of been the Swat teams with guns drawn to intimate a family just because they want healthy foods. The FDA and your Elected Official has lost all it morals and really love the criminal element. I will have my raw milk and cheese and the corrupt dollar hungry government can go straight to HELL.

    1. well put, I agree with you totally..
      not to forget, the real agenda, is they don’t want us to have access to good healthy raw food, they really want to force feed us their genetically altered lifeless crap (monsanto) so we can all become weaker and weaker and sicker and more dependent upon the ‘system’ of corruption.
      I second that notion too.. go straight to hell you pukes!

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