Father’s Day Gifts For Your Green Wineloving Dad

It’s that time of the year again. And, if you’re like me, you’re still looking for a perfect (albeit last-minute) Father’s Day gifts for dad.ย  Here are a few gifts sure to make your green wine-loving dad smile.

I discovered Vice Chocolates at the at the Oakland Temescal Farmer’s Market. Their chocolates are incredible and they have a number of wine-based truffles to die for. With a tag line of “What is your VICE?” how can you not love them? Try the Blackbird (dark chocolate ganache infused with merlot.) Or my favorite bar, the Fig + Anise (69% dark chocolate bar adorned with dried figs and anise seeds.) Available Sundays at the Oakland Temescal Farmer’s Market or online. $5-$56.

This wine tool set is made from “all natural fast growing bamboo.” As the fastest growing woody plant on earth and a rapid consumer of carbon dioxide, bamboo is now a favorite susty material. This gift set includes a classic style corkscrew and bottle stopper for your favorite wine enthusiast. Available at ecoshop. $24.

There are times when you just want to crack open a good bottle and hang. These recycled windshield stemless wine glasses are just the ticket. As an added bonus for the eco-minded, they are handmade in Colombia out of recycled glass from old car windows. From the website: “Sturdy and strong, the thick glass has a slight green hue from the tint originally added to lessen the sun’s glare. Beautiful and interesting, these stemless wine glasses are an uncommon take on a stylish design. Each is one of a kind and will vary.” I should warn you, they’re a bit bigger than the average wine glass. Available at UncommonGoods.com. $22 for a set of two.

Does your dad like to travel with his wine? Then give him a Father’s day gift to schlep it in. These GreenSmart Eco-Friendly Insulated Wine Carriers are squishy and smooth and stretchy yet made without any of the toxic VOCs used in neoprene. GreenSmart abandoned the chloroprene chemistry of neoprene and developed a water-based material that allows for a much cleaner chemistry than neoprene that uses 25% less petroleum, 25% less energy and completely eliminates the need to use toxin-laden solvent adhesives, VOCs, chlorine, and formaldehyde. They come in four nifty colors and one- and two-bottle sizes. Available at The Ultimate Green Store. $14.95-$19.95.

Even if dad’s got a cellar full of wine he can always use a bottle of wine from a special, small producer he’s never heard of.ย  If you’re at a loss as to which bottle to grab, ask the owner of your local wine shop for a suggestion.ย If you’re still at a loss, buy a VineCrowd gift certificate and let him choose himself.ย  It’s the next best thing to living in Napa. (full disclosure: I am co-founder ofย  VineCrowd). Available through VineCrowd.com. $ Any amount you like.

Photo: Waxwing Wine

What Father’s day gifts have you guys run across for a wine lover?

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