Fat Tire Turns Things Upside-Down, Promotes Bicycle Use with Coastcards

My apologies for what seems like a blatant advertisement for New Belgium Brewery, but after seeing the Fort Collins, Colorado microbrewery’s latest coaster/postcard, I couldn’t resist snapping these photos and posting them for you. New Belgium is known for not only its excellent beers, but also for its progressive social and environmental policies, and its quirky advertisements – as is evidenced by the following photos:

New Belgium Brewery postcard

New Belgium Brewery

4 thoughts on “Fat Tire Turns Things Upside-Down, Promotes Bicycle Use with Coastcards”

  1. When I actually do put up some advertising on my site, New Belgium is going to be first on my list to contact. (Also, I live in Colorado and called to ask these guys what they do with their spent hops and stuff- I wanted them for my compost pile- and they said they already have people that are taking them for just that.)

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