A Fart App That Teaches Kids About Nutrition Hilariously

Fart Code App

Get smart from your fart? A new fart app teaches kids to scan food barcodes and learn about ingredients in a fun way — by highlighting flatulence potential.

It’s simple: 1. Pick an item. 2. Scan its barcode with the fart app. 3. Discover its fart power!

Fart-o-MeterThe fart app ranks the stinky output of that food on a fart-o-meter from “stinky” (the least disgusting) to “toxic” (the most horrific), playing an uncannily realistic sound simultaneously. Your kids (and you) will learn which ingredients in that food make them (or you) fart. I scanned a carton of heavy whipping cream and found that “Dairy products such as milk have lactose which can be a challenge for most peoples’ pipes to break down. The result? Kaboom. Of the trousers.” (No more cream for you husband!)

Oh — and feel free share the fart with friends via text.

So what’s the value here? The app’s creators, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, share the following on their web site:

How do you get kids to care about nutrition? By showing them that there is more to food than taste and texture. There’s science. And sounds. And sometimes smells. Very stinky smells. That’s why we made an app called “Fart Code” — to promote kid’s health and science education. And there’s some smart science behind the gross-out laughs.

Unfortunately, several items I scanned in my home — like tuna and butter — that should’ve been identified as fart-inducing, weren’t. And the software developers that created the app don’t have the best grammar or proofreading skills — which makes me particularly crazy in an app designed for kids.

Having said that… Finding ways to get kids to look at food labels and scan their barcodes is a positive thing. Soon they’ll be Fooducating everything in your pantry! They might begin to get the connection between the food they eat and how it affects their bodies at an early age. And a little juvenile humor never hurt anyone, despite what your mom says.

So channel your inner pre-teen, download the fart app, and see if you want to expose your offspring to the crude humor of Fart Code. Let us know if your family enjoys it!

Image Credits: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners via iTunes

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