Farms 2 Forks: Forks Over Knives Event Coming to Florida

Farms 2 Forks

The folks behind Forks Over Knives have teamed up with the Engine 2 Diet to host a series of healthy education retreats in 2013. The first event will be in Clearwater, Florida. Deets below!

If you’re not familiar with Forks Over Knives and the Engine 2 Diet, both advocate a plant-based (or primarily plant-based) diet for overall health. Forks Over Knives is a food documentary that delves into using food as medicine to prevent and even alleviate disease. It was the Netflix most-watched documentary of 2012, and if you haven’t seen the film, I highly recommend it! The Engine 2 Diet is a New York Times best selling book. It shares the story of former Texas firefighter Rip Esselstyn’s quest for better health and how he found it in plant-based foods.

Esselstyn, who now works as a Global Health Ambassador for Whole Foods Market, is working with the Forks Over Knives folks to teach the benefits of a plant-based diet in a weekend-long workshop!

What I love about this program is that it’s not a diet – they’re looking to teach folks how to change their lifestyles. At the end of the day, healthy eating isn’t about a number on the scale. It’s about how you feel and your overall health.

About Farms 2 Forks

The three-day Clearwater Florida event is just the first one they’re hosting in 2013. They’re also planning events in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, and a huge summer event in Claverack, NY, so look out for more deets on those as they get closer.

The event in Clearwater includes plant-based meals from the Engine 2 Diet and lectures from a couple of amazing speakers. Seriously, check out this lineup:

  • Jeff Novick, R.D. the former nutritional director at the Pritikin Center, one of the nations leading food psychologists

  • Doug Lisle, Ph.D., and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn who directs the Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Wellness Reversal Program at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute. Esselstyn was the inspiration behind President Clinton’s newfound diet and health, and he will be giving the keynote address.

Of course, hearing about how plant-based foods impact our health is great, but if you’re going to make a real life change, you need practical skills. That’s why they chose just a couple of powerful speakers and left lots of room in the weekend for cooking demonstrations and workshops, so you can learn the skills you need to eat healthy, plant-based food in real life.

There are also optional morning workouts on the Saturday and Sunday.

Want to register for the Clearwater event? You can get all the details and sign up here!


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