Farmers vs. Monsanto: Stand with America’s Farmers!

Stop Monsanto

Monsanto has bullied farmers big and small for far too long.

I just received an action alert from Food Democracy Now that I thought you guys would like to see, too:

“On January 10, family farmers will enter a courtroom in Washington DC to take part in the appeal of OSGATA vs Monsanto et al, a court case filed to protect farmers from genetic trespass by Monsanto’s GMO seed, which contaminates organic and non-GMO farmer’s crops and opens them up to abusive lawsuits. In the past two decades, Monsanto’s seed monopoly has grown so powerful that they control the genetics of nearly 90% of five major commodity crops including corn, soybeans, cotton, canola and sugar beets.”

Monsanto has filed hundreds of cases against farmers for growing GMO crops without buying the seeds. Sometimes, these farmers have been engaging in a centuries-old practice: seed-saving. In many other cases, though, the problem wasn’t that the farmers planted Monsanto seed on purpose, but that their fields became contaminated by Monsanto seed from neighboring farms.

That’s right: Monsanto’s product invaded these farmers’ fields, and the farmers are the ones getting sued.

Judge Naomi Buchwald ruled in favor of Monsanto in Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association et al v. Monsanto in early 2012, but the plaintiffs filed for appeal in April, and the time has come! Food Democracy Now has launched a en easy tool so that we can show those farmers that we stand with them against Monsanto. To send them a message of support, just head over to their page!

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6 thoughts on “Farmers vs. Monsanto: Stand with America’s Farmers!”

  1. I completely support your stand on this issue Becky. My personal opinion is that, vegetables and grains are some thing that has been bestowed to us by nature. Those who are religious can even consider it as a manna from the heavens. Ideally there should be no patent over seeds or any agriculture produce of any kind.

    Moreover I do not agree with this practice of big corporations trying to play god, modify the genetic nature of vegetables and fruits. I think science & technology have exceeded all the barriers here. Science should be used to better the quality of soil, make it fertile enough so that there is higher yield of vegetables.

    Improvement in the existing equipments which makes sowing, farming and harvesting far more efficient is some thing science should be doing. But playing with the genes of the vegetables is creating havoc with nature.

    So I again reiterate my support to farmers.

    1. stephen webster

      we were in court march 13 2013 against monsanto it was made very clear to us in court that monsanto would not be fair(in my opinion) and they said they were being nice by not sueing us for having thier genes in my fathers crop that we did not want. they said that contracts between my father and trhe buyers of the product were too strict and would spend how ever much money was needed to be spent and could afford to hire expertss and lawyers than that myself and father could not afford both monsanto and father put in over a 100 pages of background material . my father had eye witness reports and test from elevaters. monsanto would not give a promise in writeing to not sue us if there genes were found again in our soybeans for 10 years. they would pay nothing to toward my father loses. my father and myself are not happy with monsanto and feel that monsanto did not play fair

      1. Sounds like your family has been through a rough time… if that company ever DID play fair with farmers, a lot of folks would keel right over from shock. ^-^

        If there’s a worse candidate for global controller of food, I surely can’t imagine who it might be… so sorry you’ve had no choice but to see their ugliness up close. :(

  2. stephen webster

    monsanto and my father are going to court in march their soybean cross polinated with my father crop they take no responsiblty for their actions they can way outspend us in the courts aprox one plant in 100 had in 1 pod 1 seed that was roundup ready monsanto cost david webster over $15,000 in lost income yet would not even send a rep out to check the field stephen webster blyth ont 2262221429

    1. I am so sorry to hear that, Stephen! It’s no wonder they win awards year after year for being one of the worst companies in the world. My heart goes out to you and your father!

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