Farmers Market Fare 5

ChivesWhile I missed a week’s posts due to a family emergency, all of you have been writing some amazing posts. Thanks for keeping at it and keeping me inspired. Great tips, photos, stories and recipes after the jump.

Melanie Rimmer presents Gardening Leave posted at Bean-Sprouts. The post is a nice contemplation on that connected feeling that gardening can offer like few other pursuits.

David Lay presents The Case For CSAs posted at Behind The Lens. Nice tomatoes!

valereee presents How to shop at a farmers’ market posted at Cincinnati Locavore and Time, Money, Recipes: Experience is the answer also posted at Cincinnati Locavore. The posts offer great tips on getting the most from your experience at the farmers market — both the amount of produce in your basket and the experience in your heart.

Jen Carlile presents Beet Towers with Farmers Cheese and Oranges posted at Modern Beet. You know the beet recipe is going to be good if the site is named Modern Beet.

Mark Schauss presents What do the Numbers on Your Fruits and Vegetables Mean? posted at Toxic World Blog – Detoxify and Heal Your Body.

Joy Weese Moll presents Tower Grove Market Pasta Primavera posted at The Spiral of Seasons. This post is a great example of how to go to the farmers market and cook with what you find there.

lalaine y. manalo presents Angel Hair Pomodoro with Garlic Shrimp posted at The recipe sounds great.

Jenny B(aka Mother Hen) presents Squash Eatin’ Squid posted at Ship Full O’ Pirates. It’s a fun post, but then, how could any blog named Ship Full O’ Pirates be boring?

Ilana (The Hip Hostess) is serving an entire spring menu with in-season now asparagus, ramps and tops the meal off with Sweet Corn Cake with Pinot Noir Rhubarb Compote. Wow.

Lynne from OrganicMania ponders the fact that cooking stinging nettles is one thing – but trying to get a five-year-old to eat them is even trickier!

Carole DeJarnatt presents The Basics Needed for Raising Baby Chicks posted at Fowl Visions. While I am sure there is a city ordinance against me raising chickens here at home, you have to go to this site, if for no other reason than to see the beautiful barn photo at top.

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