Farmers Market Fare 15

It’s still August, and thus, still tomato season. Around our house, we are eating about 15 lbs. per week. It’s a lot of tomatoes. Yet, tomatoes are so versatile, so easy to cook in so many ways. Come December, they will be the first on the list of fresh produce that I miss most.

If you have been headed out to the farmers market each week and are getting used to “la vida local,” you should consider signing up for this October’s Eat Local Challenge. Here’s some details on the challenge and how you can participate.

And, here’s this week’s recipes and posts for Farmers Market Fare.

Kathy Hester presents Pesto for Now and Later Too! posted at Chow Spice.

Carole DeJarnatt presents Fresh Eggs or Not? posted at Fowl Visions.

Barnabas Hawkins presents “At Last…A Simple, Proven Method for Brewing Your Own Great Tasting Beer.” posted at Homemade Beer Recipes Made Easy and Fast on a Budget of less than $30 Bucks.

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  1. Have you considered drying the extra tomatoes, Beth? I love semi-dried tomatoes for the winter. I know it’s a little twee in terms of food “styles”, but you can do all sorts with them, including a lovely mock pesto.

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