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If you are shopping your farmers market, this time of year you will likely be seeing the last of the strawberries, lettuces and greens. Longer growing cole crops are showing up; a bit of kale and chard and broccoli arriving (some part of the US are a bit behind with all the rain), and the slower growing berries like blackberries and blueberries. It’s a good time to look for a local u-pick farm. And finally, the first of the summer’s stone fruits like peaches and cherries are arriving.

Peach recipe and Market Fare post links after the jump.

An easy and elegant dish you can prepare with peaches and blueberries can be served as a side, a salad or a light dessert.

Perfect Peach Summer Side
3 peaches, halved, pit removed
2 oz. marscapone
1/3 cup fresh blueberries
1/4 cup fig balsamic dressing

Fig Balsamic Vinaigrette
makes 1 cup
2/3 cup olive oil
1/3 cup balsamic vinegar
1 tbs. fig jam
salt and pepper to taste

Whisk all together in this order: vinegar and jam. Then oil, wisking as you go. Salt and pepper to taste. You can also just add the ingredients all at once to a salad dressing cruet, shake and store. You can use any kind of jelly or jam you think would fit here (blueberry, blackberry) to make an easy and delicious fruit-based dressing.

You can brush the peaches with some olive oil, and grill them for a couple minutes cut side down to add some smoky flavor to the mix. Not necessary, though. Place peaches cut side up on a plate, add a dollop of marscapone to each, sprinkle on blueberries. Drizzle on dressing. You can make this the salad course by simply adding mixed greens as the base. Perhaps a few walnuts.

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  1. You have local peaches already? I’m so jealous! Blueberries are almost ready on my bushes though. Will put this recipe to good use when I get all the fruit! :)

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