Farm Stand at Elementary Schools Showcases Local Fresh Vegetables

School Nutrition

Two elementary schools in New York showcased fresh vegetables from local farms at a farm stand event.

Both schools participate in the USDA’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP), which provides qualified schools with the funding to serve $50-75 worth of fresh fruits and vegetables to each student.

The farm stands at the two schools were intended to familiarize kids with fresh produce. Jamie Oliver, known for his Food Revolution, has noted several times that today’s kids don’t really know much about their food. The FFVP and the farm stand events will help fix that.

Smith Elementary School had rainbow carrots, regular carrots, celery, parsnips, and parsley at their farm stand. Catering Manager Zoe Riccio talked to the kids about interesting and curious facts about the produce.

Ms. Riccio also hosted the farm stand at Vance Village Elementary School, which had butternut and acorn squash from Twin Oaks Farm in Hadley, Massachusetts. The squash was served sliced with fat-free ranch dressing. Many kids came back for seconds.

Events like this are a great opportunity to let kids learn about foods they might not otherwise have access to.

Photos from Vonus, used with permission.

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