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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Right?

It is if you’re a do-it-yourself, sustainable-living kind of person and someone gifts you with inspiration in the form of one of my favorite farm and real food magazines. This year, consider the gift that reminds your loved one of you all year long and keeps them growing and learning. My top picks…

Mother Earth News

Mother Earth News MagazineThis magazine, launched in 1970,  is “the original guide to living wisely.” While the mag is long-lived, its advice stays current. With articles on modern homesteading, sustainable farming, and real food, a year of this publication will thrill anyone looking to eat and drink better. Each issue packs an information punch aimed to help us live a greener life. This month, learn how to make whole grain bread, save seeds, and raise broody hens. You can even buy every issue on CD going back to the first.

Hobby Farms Magazine

Hobby Farms MagazineI’ve heard that farmers don’t appreciate the term “hobby farm.” That’s unfortunate, because I respect farmers, but I also love each and every issue of Hobby Farms Magazine that lands in my over-stuffed mailbox. This adoration stems from a combo of my desire to start an herb farm, lack of farming experience, and the quantity and quality of content in every Hobby Farms issue. If you need a gift for someone like me, consider sending them a gift subscription to help them learn more about topics like investing in small farm equipment, raising livestock, and growing productive crops.


Grit MagazineThe name says it all. This magazine is about digging in the dirt, taking care of messy animals, and scraping nasty bits from the soles of your boots and the beds of your nails. It provides “rural American know-how” with its coverage of growing crops, raising livestock, and homesteading. After reading an issue, I think about doing something completely outside of my comfort zone – like raising chickens – or buying a tractor. It scares my husband when this one hits my stack of reading material.

I save most of my magazines, but you can also upcycle them after reading to create some awesome interior accessories, like mirror frames. These are just a few of the best farm and food magazines out there any future farmer or green living fan would appreciate. What are your favorites? Happy farming!

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