New Food Documentary Looks at Farm Antibiotic Abuse

farm antibiotic abuse

Our friends over at Uji Films are working on a new documentary about our food system, and it sheds light on an issue that’s really close to my heart: antibiotic abuse on factory farms.

Resistance is still in pre-production, and it explores the emerging pandemic of antibiotic-resistant infection โ€“ what’s causing it, why itโ€™s a problem, and what’s being done to combat it. We’ve talked about the problems with farm antibiotic abuse before. Farmers use antibiotics for more than just treating disease. They abuse them to grow larger animals and they also give what’s known as a “subtherapeutic” dose to animals at all times to prevent the diseases that come from the extremely confined living conditions on factory farms.

This film delves into the issues surrounding antibiotic abuse and how we can stop it. The producers were kind enough to point us to some video snippets from the film, and I wanted to share them with you guys! In this first clip, Rep. Marsha Blackburn talks about the danger of MRSA infections:

Microbiologist Dr. Lance B. Price explains the danger of antibiotic abuse:

The final clip is Dr. Brad Spellberg talking about one woman who lost her life because of antibiotic resistance:

To keep up with these issues and news about Resistance, you can follow their Facebook page! We’ll also keep you posted on what’s new with Resistance right here.

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Alex E. Proimos

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