Fair Trade Month and How You Can Take Part

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October is Fair Trade Month! I know, there’s only a week left, but that means there’s still time to participate.

The purpose of Fair Trade Month is to raise awareness about this important issue. From coffee and chocolate to handmade goods, workers are often drastically underpaid for their efforts. Fair Trade certified goods have to meet certain standards ensuring that laborers receive a livable wage and better working conditions.

While some argue that fair trade doesn’t always make the intended difference, the program has raised awareness about the issues of poor working conditions and pay that surrounds some common imports.

Get Involved

The easiest way to take part in Fair Trade Month is to host your own event. This can be something as simple as a having a meal with friends that focuses on fair trade ingredients. Maybe invite some folks over to watch a film highlighting the importance of fair trade.

Companies all over the world are participating in Fair Trade Month, as well. Tomorrow, Worthwhile Wine is hosting a “virtual wine tasting” with Zakkie Bester from Partnership Vineyards. They’re also donating 10% of of sales back to TransFair USA, a fair trade certifier, and offering free shipping on their featured wines from Partnership Vineyards. You might remember Worthwhile Wine from owner Tom Lynch’s series documenting his visit to some of the South Africa vineyards that supply their wine.

Whether you host an event, attend one, or just make the effort to put more fair trade goods in your basket this month, you’re voting with your dollars for better labor practices and pay.

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