Fair Trade Gift Guide

Make every gift matter this season with Fair Trade. Choose from Fair Trade coffee, tea, and chocolate, as well as spices, wine, and other food-related gifts.

Certification for Fair Trade ensures that workers are paid a living wage and that communities can access the free market to their advantage. Fair Trade gifts can help people a world away and put a smile on your loved one’s face.

A number of these sellers are offering free shipping during November.  You could also use the new Fair Trade Finder app to find local stores that offer Fair Trade goods.

Fair Trade Coffee

Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Sampler – Three 10-ounce bags of organic Fair Trade coffee for $27.95.

Fair World Partners – Beautiful gift baskets with Fair Trade coffee and other Fair Trade products.

Mr. Espresso selection of single origin coffees – Individual coffees from $10.75.  Some of the selections on the linked page are not Fair Trade, but most are.

Barnie’s Sustainable Coffees – Produced by women coffee growers.  Organic and Fair Trade.

Equator Coffees and Teas – 16-ounce bags of organic Fair Trade coffee starting from $14.45.  Not all the coffees on the linked page are Fair Trade, but most are.

Fidalgo Bay Coffee Roasters – They sell several Fair Trade coffees.

Pachamama Coffee Co-op – Farmer-owned and certified by BCorporation, which is similar to the Fair Trade certifications.

Grounds for Change Fair Trade Coffee – Several selections, including a special 2011 Holiday Blend.

Allegro Coffee – Offers single-origin and organic Fair Trade coffees.

Red Barn Coffee Roasters – Several organic Fair Trade coffee blends.

Hammerhead Coffee Roasters – Fair Trade certified coffees.  They have some gift boxes available.

Weaver’s Coffee – Fair Trade coffee from around the world.

Thanksgiving Coffee Company – “Not just a cup, but a just cup”.  They have several gift baskets with Fair Trade coffee in them.

Fair Trade Tea

Guayaki Yerba Mate – Not exactly a tea, but a leaf from a tropical plant that is dried, then mixed with hot water, and contains caffeine.  Yeah, it’s pretty similar and quite good.

Choice Organic Teas – They offer a wide selection of organic herbal, black, white, and green Fair Trade teas.  There are some unusual floral selections as well.

Numi Organic Tea – Another wide selection of organic Fair Trade teas.  Check out their tea chest (18 teas) and tea portfolio (30 teas) for simple gift giving.

The Republic of Tea – Their Fair Trade teas come in nice tins.

Zhena’s Gypsy Teas – Another company that sells their Fair Trade teas in nice tins.

Rishi Tea – Huge selection of Fair Trade teas and some lovely teaware.

Allegro Coffee – They don’t just sell coffee, but also Fair Trade black teas.

Weaver’s Coffee – At the bottom of this list of Fair Trade coffees is a Fair Trade herbal tea and a tea and coffee gift basket.

Traditional Medicinals – Fifteen herbal Fair Trade teas.

Arbor Teas – Eleven teas with the stories behind each of the growers.

Fair Trade Chocolate

Sweet Earth Chocolates – Seasonal gifts, like Hanukkah Gelt, peppermint bark, and a wine and chocolate gift set.  Some vegan chocolates.

Divine Chocolate – 45% owned by the farmers.  Many products are vegetarian.

Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates – Christmas-themed Fair Trade chocolates.  They also have a wide selection of vegan chocolates, some of which are Fair Trade.

Alter-Eco Fair Trade – For fans of dark chocolate.  Contains some organic ingredients.  3.5 ounce bars for $4.39, but there’s a discount for bulk buying (if you have a lot of stockings to stuff).

Sweet Riot – More vegan chocolates.  They offer gift cubes, gift tins, and a monthly club.

Coco-Zen – Fair Trade organic chocolates.  They do personalized labels and there are a lot of gift sets to choose from.

Allegro Coffee – If you didn’t find anything in their coffee or tea selections, they also have Fair Trade drinking chocolate.

Green & Black’s, Angell, and others can’t be purchased online, but many can be found in regular grocery stores.

Fair Trade Wine

Heritage Link sells seventeen Fair Trade red and white wines from $11.99 to $16.99.

Fair Trade Ingredients

Fair Trade ingredients make a great part of gift basket.  In a tin or other charming container, put a hand-written recipe along with some or all of the ingredients for the recipe.  Maybe add a couple of pretty bowls or a mixing spoon.

Wholesome Sweeteners – Honey, stevia, sugar, agave.

Spicy Gourmet – All their products are Fair Trade.  They sell individual spices, spice mixes, and related products.

La Yapa Organics – Fair Trade quinoa and quinoa-based products.

Frontier Natural Products – Herbs and spices, sugar, and even some baking mixes.  Not all their stuff is Fair Trade.

Alter-Eco Fair Trade – Chocolate isn’t the only thing they sell.  Quinoa and rice in various colors and sugar, too.

I’m sure that’s not an exhaustive list of Fair Trade goodies.  Feel free to add more in the comments.

Image of Fair Trade banana by Phil Wiffen, used with Creative Commons license.

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