Fair Trade Chocolate for Everyone: Angell Bars

fair trade chocolate

No one wants a side of slavery with their chocolate, but many fair trade and organic chocolates seem too gourmet for the everyday. Angell Bars wants to make fair trade chocolate that’s affordable and accessible.

Anyone who’s worked in an office is probably familiar with the candy bowl, right? It seems like every office has that kind soul who stocks a bowl full of chocolate and candy that everyone else is allowed to graze on. The trouble is, that bowl of chocolate bars is most likely covered in blood.

Why is Fair Trade Chocolate Important?

We’ve talked about the chocolate and child slavery here before, but I think it bears repeating, especially this close to Valentine’s Day. My husband and I were looking for updates on large chocolate producers and their record with sourcing slavery free chocolate, and it’s pretty abysmal. None of the major chocolate producers are sourcing slavery free chocolate right now, and that’s part of where Angell comes in.

The whole idea with Angell bars is making an affordable chocolate bar that’s fair trade and organic. You can treat yourself ethically without denting your wallet, which is critical if we’re going to fill those office candy bowls with ethical chocolate instead of slavery chocolate from Hershey’s or M&M Mars.

Angell Bars

The folks at Angell Bars were kind enough to send me a couple of samples of their dark chocolate. The dark chocolate bars are vegan and they’re also delicious! The outside is a coating of rich milk chocolate, and the filling is chewy, nutty, and chocolatey.

They also make a milk chocolate bar with crispy rice that’s gluten free, a white chocolate bar, and they have a plain milk chocolate bar coming out soon. All of their chocolates are organic and fair trade, meaning you can indulge without worrying that your candy bar is linked to child slavery.

There are lots of other fair trade chocolate options out there, and it’s always nice to see one more company getting it right! Do you have a favorite sort of fair trade chocolate? Tell us in the comments!

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