Factory Farming Map Wins Interactive Media Award (Acceptance Speech Cut Off)

I wrote about a pretty awesome (though, disturbing) interactive factory farming map created by Food & Water Watch and New Signature back in December. The map “illustrates the geographic shift in where and how food is raised in the U.S. and allows anyone to quickly search for the highest concentration of animals by region, state and county.” A non-interactive version of it is above.

Well, it turns out I wasn’t the only one who thought this map was pretty awesome. Food & Water Watch just won an Interactive Media Award (IMA) for the map. It won the Best in Class award under the Advocacy category.

“We would like to congratulate our food team for their hard work and New Signature for their creativity in designing a compelling media experience that allowed us to share very detailed information about factory farm statistics that reinforces our messaging on the U.S. food system,” the organization wrote over on its blog…. The map continues to be an annual labor of love for many people here at Food & Water Watch and we are very happy for everyone involved that this interactive map has seen such tremendous success.”

Congratulations to all of them. Check out the award-winning map here: The Factory Farm Map. And check out some of the posts below to see how you can help stop factory farming and animal abuse:

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