Exotic San Francisco Ferry Building Farmer’s Market Finds

The San Francisco Ferry Market is a local favorite for unusual organic finds. My favorite recent find: pineapple guava (a.k.a. feijoa)! I found this refreshing salad fruit at the Mc Evoy Ranch stand.

Shown above is an organic cilantro salad with the feijoa and myer lemon. This delightful salad needs no pairing although the guava has a tart flavor that pairs well with mesculin greens.

Gathering together individual ingredients for a couple dollars at each vendor, has me spicing up dishes with organic produce.

Lately I’ve been combining fresh fruits and vegetables from local ranches and farms, inventing my own flavors and having fun!

Mc Evoy Ranch offers all organic products with a twist, such as scrumptious micro baby beet greens.

Another cool find was maitake mushrooms offered by theΒ  Far West Fungi stand, and affordable organic wraps from the Farm Fresh to You store. Look out for more recipes we invent with these ingredients.

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