Every Freaking! Day with “Rachell Ray”

I’m not one to usually pile on the sarcasm when someone is down but it’s no holds barred when it comes to the cult of celebrity. Instead of seeking virtues or talents we have bought into the artificial importance being created by the media in order to promote a product, a person – or in this case a “yummo” catch phrase.

The people over at SeriousEats alerted me to the latest parody book in the genre of Is Martha Stuart Living? Run, don’t walk and get yourself a copy of Every Freaking! Day with Rachell Ray by Elizabeth Hilts, author of the popular Getting in Touch with Your Inner Bitch. This “64-page full-color parody is jam-packed with laugh out loud takes on the things that make her (in)famous, like”:

  • No Time, No Sweat! 30-second meals
  • What the Hell’s This? Secret ingredients that really make guests wonder
  • If These Hands Could Talk-A guide to Rachell’s personal sign language

But wait there’s more! Want Rachaal Ray to endorse your product or service (because you know she will endorse anything and everything)? Brian Sack over at Banterist has made a downloadable one-page contract that you can use to get Ray to endorse whatever it is you’re selling, no questions asked.

Each deal includes goodies like photos for your store displays and a life-size cut-out, but perhaps most importantly, ‘all endorsements include a book featuring your product being used in the preparation of a dish with an adorable nickname like Never Be Lonely Stew or Put The Kids To Sleep Salsa. Rachael will also include your product in her prayers.’

There goes Julia rolling over again.

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