5 Natural Energy Drink Alternatives

natural energy drink alternatives

As if you needed yet another reason to skip the Red Bull, a study in General Dentistry points to energy drinks as a major culprit in tooth enamel loss.

As NPR reports:

It turns out there’s often a lot of citric acid in the drinks.

Why? It’s a preservative that enhances flavor and shelf life. But it also happens to be very good at stripping enamel from teeth.

Dentists are especially worried about teens β€” 30 to 50 percent of whom are estimated to be gulping down energy drinks β€” losing enamel because once it’s gone teeth are more prone to cavities, and more likely to decay.

Of course, the high levels of sugar in these drinks are no good for those chompers, either. Luckily, there are lots of natural energy drink alternatives out there to give you a boost without all the sugar and without sacrificing your dental health.

Energy Drink Alternatives

You don’t need to crack open an energy drink to get an energy boost. Here are some alternatives to energy drinks:

  1. Green tea. Not only does green tea have a bit of caffeine to give you a gentle pick-me-up, it’s full of healthy antioxidants that help you have more energy all the time.
  2. Juice. I’m not talking about those sugar-laden fruit drinks! 100% juice shots give you a burst of energy without the crash.
  3. Apple cider vinegar. Try out this homemade apple cider vinegar sports drink. A reader also wrote in to share his modified version of the ACV drink.
  4. Water. No, really. Dehydration can make you feel seriously sleepy. Make sure you’re drinking good ol’ H2O throughout the day to maintain your energy levels.
  5. Beet juice. A 2009 study found that beet juice could boost your workout endurance by as much as 16 percent.

I’d love to hear from you guys! What energy drink alternatives have worked for you?

{Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by joelklal}

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