Be President For A Day To End The Global Food Crisis

How President Gerush Addressed The Food Crisis

How could you influence the global food crisis as President for a day?

Action Aid, a global non-profit determined to end poverty, wants you to find out.Β They’ve created an interactive infographic that is part game, part teacher. Make decisions on four key food-crisis-related issues, educate yourself along the way, and imagine how you can make a difference.

  • Challenge 1: Climate Change. Would you help support farmers affected by climate change through public funding or by emphasizing private investment? Learn more about how changing climates hinders the success of farmers, particularly in developing countries.
  • Challenge 2: Biofuels. How would you deal with current mandates that subsidize corn ethanol? Should we use our abundance of corn for ethanol or food?
  • Challenge 3: Agricultural Development. In the poorest regions of the world, would you invest in smallholder farms or large-scale agriculture? We produce enough food to feed the world, yet more than 870 million people don’t get enough to eat.
  • Challenge 4: Total Foreign Aid. Would you increase or decrease total foreign aid? Learn more about foreign aid for global hunger.

I think this is an engaging way to raise awareness of our global food crisis in younger generations. Once you answer the four questions, your name is on the front page of the Presidential Times. As President, I helped reduce hunger and stabilize food prices.

What will you do?Β Try it:Β Be President for a day.

Image Credit: presidentforaday.com

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