Election Results: GMO Labeling in Oregon and Colorado

Election Results: GMO Labeling in Oregon and Colorado a Bust

UPDATE (11/5/14, 5:13pm EST)NPR is now reporting that both Colorado and Oregon have rejected GMO labeling. It was a close race in Oregon. In Colorado 66 percent voted against Proposition 105.

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Original post (11/5/14, 10:07am EST):

Final election results are still coming in, but as of right now, it doesn’t look like GMO labeling is going to pass in Oregon or in Colorado.

Food Business News reports that Colorado’s Prop 105 “was soundly defeated Nov. 4.”

In Oregon, Measure 92 is still too close to call, but it’s not looking good for proponents of GMO labeling.

Both states are still tallying votes, and we will post an update once there’s more to report.

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