Eggs from pasture raised chickens unlikely candidates for Salmonella contamination

“Free-range” eggs from the supermarket are not synonymous with “pasture raised.”ย  Free-range chicken eggs have no legal definition in the United States. Some industrial egg farmers sell their eggs as free-range because their chicken cages are two or three inches above average size, or because there is a window in the shed. So the label “free-range” does not guarantee that eggs are less at risk for Salmonella contamination.

You can find pasture raised eggs at most farmers markets for $3-5. Many CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) groups also include pasture raised eggs in their food shares. To find a farmers market or CSA near you, check out Local Harvest. Or visit Eatwildโ€™s State-by-State Directory of Farms to find pasture raised chickens near you.

Craigslist is another surprisingly good place to find eggs from pasture raised chickens. People with backyard chickens often have more eggs than they can eat, so they end up selling extra eggs on sites such as Craigslist. Just search for “eggs” on your local Craigslist and see what pops up!

Image courtesy of DanMaudsley via a Creative Commons license.

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