Edible Landscapes Transform a Town

Edible Landscape in Todmorden

Pam Warhurst calls it “propaganda gardening.” Warhurst co-founded the group Incredible Edible in the little English town of Todmorden to promote eating healthy fruits and vegetables and growing food locally.

Todmorden is covered in food! Where most cities would plant flowers and bushes, they’ve planted corn, tomatoes, eggplants, herbs, and any other edibles you can think of. They’ve partnered with local schools to educate kids about healthy food, and they’re teaming up with farmers to educate people about local food, which has helped the farmers’s bottom line. Pretty cool, right?

Not only has their edible town helped the people live and eat healthier, but they’ve even seen a spike in tourism, because people want to come see their remarkable veggie-scapes.

Warhurst talks about Incredible Edible and how it’s transformed Todmorden her hilarious and inspiring TED talk. Check it:

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