EcoScraps’ Organic, Poop-Free Potting Soil Soon To Be Available Nationwide

EcoScraps In Action

Last fall, we introduced you to EcoScraps — a Utah-based startup founded by two young men determined to reduce the amount of food America wastes.

Realizing much of the food we waste comes from large food outlets like grocery stores, Costco, prisons, and other big food producers, these pioneering guys began partnering with those companies to divert that trash from its trip to the landfill and turn it into treasure through composting. They produce and sell 100% natural, organic, chemical-, and poop-free compost and potting mixes, plant food, and liquid compost.

EcoScraps Goes National

Previously available only in the western states and online, EcoScraps recently announced its organic, poop-free potting soil will now be sold in more than 1,700 Target stores — its first nationwide exposure. This is good news. It demonstrates that you can accomplish great things with a pioneering spirit and faith in your mission. It proves that people and companies increasingly recognize the value of natural, organic products and the care and feeding of our environment. And it means I can buy their products easily when I’m at my local Target — which is quite often. EcoScraps provides us with new, healthier choices when it comes to gardening products.

EcoScraps as a company is only three years old, but they have already made an impact. They’ve recycled more than 15 million pounds of food waste from 96 produce outlets. In doing so, they’ve prevented more than 9 million pounds of methane emissions — the equivalent of taking almost 850,000 cars off the streets for two weeks. Nicely done guys.

Join The Compost Revolution

The EcoScraps team is doing more than merely reducing food waste. They’re starting a revolution — seeking to help eco-friendly products go mainstream. You can participate and make a difference.

  • Sign up to receive the company’s updates with requests to help spread the word through social media.
  • Share the news with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • Look for and buy their products in your local stores — coming soon to a Target near you!

What do you think about this young company and its efforts to change the world? How do you support companies like this? Are there similar companies you’d like us to write about? Share your wisdom!

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  1. Hi my names Natalie and I’m a representative of EcoScraps. Thanks for using our product and mentioning us! If you ever have any questions or want to know more just let me know.

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