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Was great to be back in the studio with a full crew and some extras! We got caught up a bit and talked about an article I’d written for our local daily newspaper about a few simple eco-resolutions we could consider for the New Year, which led to a discussion on strategies for succeeding with them! Check out Green Diva Lisa’s great and thorough post on ways to succeed with whatever intentions you have for the New Year. Here is an excerpt with just a FEW ideas in one of several categories – Food (yum):

Eating Healthier – that can range from eating less meat, eating more fruits and veggies, to getting off dairy or gluten, to losing weight.  Whatever the case is for you, set reachable goals.

  • Prepare your alliances: Ask your friends and family to help you, especially in the beginning, by not questioning your choices or criticizing your efforts.  It is never good to have someone, well intended as they might feel, say, “Should you be eating that?” Ask them not to sit down with a plate full of apple pie and ice cream while you are eating celery sticks.  That’s just mean.
  • Next, prepare your environment: Open your cabinets, refrigerator and freezer, take out every inappropriate thing that could potentially derail your efforts.  You may know someone who can use the food you shouldn’t be eating, so think about donating to a food bank or neighbor.  Ask your family to bear with you, even if they are not dieting.  Eating healthy is good for everyone, not just for loosing weight.
  • Replace those unhealthy items with healthier choices: Keep healthy snacks around like fresh veggies all cut and ready to eat, around so that when the urge strikes, you won’t lose out to poor impulse control.  When choosing more fruits and veggies for your diet you might want to read the Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) Shopper’s Guide for pesticides in produce.
  • Want to eat less meat? Start slowly by trying the Meatless Monday plan.  Remember we don’t need as much protein as the  meat industry would like us to believe. Here is a resource to find out how to replace meat protein with vegetable protein
  • (go to the full post)

The Sleeping Naked is Green segment: Buy Only Fair Trade Tea launched a conversation on fair trade everything! We talked about what fair trade means and how we can get educated about where to find out about fair trade products. Listen to this week’s 5-min segment on fair trade.

Green Diva Lisa’s Take Two segment offered even more detail on great ideas for eco-resolutions for the New Year and ways to keep it simple and succeed.

Our feature interview guest was Debra Duneier, author of EcoChi: Designing the Human Experience. DARN, now it’s recorded for evidence – I got caught up in all the talk about de-cluttering and some of her inspiring ideas for getting ready for winter nesting, and I kind of made a commitment to de-clutter my house! Too many witnesses. Oh No. Fortunately, I have her book, which does have some great ideas. And, I’ve got Green Diva Lisa in my home/office every day and she is a de-cluttering task-master, so I guess I’ll be getting busy with that now! Stay tuned for updates on my progress . . .

We also announced the winner of last week’s Eco Friendly Printer KNOW YOUR GREEN Quiz – Chenoa Ashawasegai, who won a $100 gift certificate to Tekserve! In preparation for next week’s show, which will focus on the latest in green car technology as our favorite green car dude, John Voelcker reports in from the Detroit Auto Show, this week’s Eco Friendly Printer KNOW YOUR GREEN Quiz will be about green cars. The winner of this week’s quiz will get organic t-shirts and a $50 gift certificate. Please go to our facebook page and find this week’s quiz and play to win!

As always, please visit our website for LOTS of relevant links & resources from the show – Green Divas website.

Hope you’ll listen to this broadcast!

Listen to the show here!

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