EatStrong Trail Mix and Energy Bar: Product Review

I love granola bars, but the ones I like best are not always the healthiest. The healthiest are often the least tasty. When EatStrong offered me the chance to try their new energy bars and trail mix, I was happy to.

EatStrong Energy Bar

The granola bar tasted like a nut butter, which is mostly what it is. The texture was somewhat crumbly, but it held together and I didn’t have a problem with it falling apart in my hands. Ingredients include flax seed (omega-3s!), sunflower seeds, and hemp seeds finely ground and mixed with whey protein isolate and chocolate drops made from organic cacao.

While the amount of calories in a bar is average at 230 calories, the protein and carbohydrate ratios are not. The liberal use of seeds and nuts brings the protein up to 12 grams and the carbs are only 15 grams. The bar also provides 6% of the daily value of calcium and 15% of the daily value of iron.

EatStrong Trail Mix

EatStrong Trail Mix comes in a bag with 1.6 ounces of mix in it. It’s about a handful. While that sounds small, it actually turned out to be very filling.

The trail mix contains walnuts, cashews, pistachios, and almonds with flax and sunflower seeds and chocolate drops made from organic cacao.ย  The nuts are unsalted.

One bag has 260 calories, 18 grams of fat, no cholesterol, and the sodium is only 15 mg. Again, like the energy bar, the trail mix has a fairly ratio of protein to carbs, with 7 grams of protein and 17 grams of carbs. The mix provides 6% of the daily value of calcium and 30% of the daily value of iron.


EatStrong granola bars and granola are part of a weight loss system centered around eating real food that tastes good. The system focuses on one-on-one phone calls with a nutritionist who will help customers through all the difficulties of losing weight โ€“ grocery shopping, dining out, even pregnancy nutrition โ€“ as well as an initial consultation to plan nutrition to meet the customer’s goals.

EatStrong‘s site also has free articles for weight loss, weight maintenance, and working out; an active online community; and an archive of newsletters. They also have a fairly large collection of recipes for browsing. Mexican chicken burgers looks amazing.

The energy bar and trail mix were developed to provide people with healthy, energy snacks that still taste good. I think they succeeded.

The snacks can be purchased from EatStrong’s snack shop without participating in the weight loss system. The EatStrong Energy Bar is $2.50 each or twelve for $27.50. The trail mix is priced similarly.

Image of a dense forest by d.boyd, used with Creative Commons license.

Images of EatStrong packages by EatStrong.

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