Eating Vegan: Why I Love Being Vegan

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Every once in a while an anti-vegan article makes the rounds, bashing veganism as an unhealthy, unyielding, and unethical lifestyle choice. After running across one today, I felt like it was time to look at what’s great about being vegan.

Just to be clear here: I understand that a vegan lifestyle isn’t for everyone. It’s a big change from the lifestyle we’re raised on, but it’s one I’ve chosen along with many people that I know. Not vegan? I’m not judging you. I just love being vegan, and here’s why!

Why I Love Being Vegan

It’s compassionate. For most vegans, compassion is at the top of the list. That means living a cruelty free lifestyle that doesn’t harm animals, but for many of us that notion of compassion goes much further. That means being kind and being tolerant. It means making mindful choices about the food and products that we buy, and it goes beyond just avoiding animal products. Most of the vegans I know support small farmers, organic agriculture, and fair labor as well as animal rights.

The vegan community. There is a strong, kind, supportive worldwide vegan community, and I am happy to be a part of that!

For my health. Yes, it’s easy as (vegan) pie to live on vegan junk food. Potato chips are vegan. So are french fries and most white bread. If junk food is what you’re after, you’re going to find it no matter what your diet. Health was one of the driving forces when I chose veganism. You can tell me that animal fats aren’t that bad for you all day long, but when I went vegan, my cholesterol went from the mid-200s to a normal level, and it’s been that way ever since.

Helping animals. Animal rights are at the center of veganism. No matter how humanely you raise that cow, it’s tough to argue that killing it is humane.

It’s delicious. I love food, and I have to tell you that there’s no way I could have gone vegan if it weren’t for tasty vegan food. I don’t mean fake meat and vegan cheese. I mean mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, lentil burgers, quinoa, good dark chocolate, mashed potatoes, and all of that other vegan food that I cook, enjoy, and share every day.

I feel like there’s a misconception that veganism is this exclusive club, and that all vegans are quietly judging you for what’s on your plate, and I just don’t think that’s true at all. Sure, there are some douchey vegans out there, but it’s unfair to judge all vegans based on one or two interactions. There are some meat eaters who have been pretty cruel to me about my lifestyle, too, but I don’t think all meat eaters are jerks because of a couple of ruined meals. We’re all people trying to be our best selves. I just don’t see the need for hostility.

Are you vegan? I’d love to keep this list going! Tell me what makes veganism great for you.

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30 thoughts on “Eating Vegan: Why I Love Being Vegan”

  1. I love being vegan since my health has greatly improved. I had symptoms of pre-heart attack, prior to going vegan. I only eat raw, organic veggies & fruits for the most part now, I don’t consider myself a true raw vegan, sometimes I skip doing it for some really good vegan junkfood! I also drink kombucha & lots of teas. So my health has gone from -0 to really good now & I couldn’t go backwards, and won’t. I’ve also met so many wonderful vegans & had my eyes opened towards the animals which I already hated hurting, in order to ‘live’. This is a really good compassionate community and it’s amazing who knows who and who is friends with whom.. all over the world! We all <3 and support each other & treat each other with love, compassion & respect.

  2. I just embarked on a 40 Day Plant Strong Challenge so I’m a newbie vegan. So far it’s been wonderful. Like you, I love food and there is nothing more beautiful and pleasing to the eye and palate than fresh produce and wholesome grains. To my friends who claim I’m nuts I say ‘maybe, and I love nuts too.’ I’m chronicling my 40 Days on my blog and have been sharing my favorite recipes so far.

    So glad you wrote this today. Great encouragement!

  3. I love being vegan for about a million reasons! I totally agree with you on the food – it’s amazing. I’ve tried so many foods that I never would have tried before being vegan. But I think mostly I love it because it has made me so much more aware of everything I eat, purchase, and otherwise consume. While some of the realities of this world are harsh, I would rather know them than be ignorant.

  4. I love being vegan because I have learned to cook and now I know how to make delicious meals. Since cutting animals out of my diet I have fallen in love with food, food is sooooo good!

  5. Beautifully written article! Love how you choose to focus on the positive!

    I love being vegan because… it’s made me an awesome chef, it’s opened out sooo many new horizons and options, it makes me healthy and active and full of energy, it keeps my figure looking good, keeps my spirit in higher vibrations because I only put the positive into my body…

    I could think of a hundred more reasons!

  6. Eating and being vegan makes me feel clean inside and out, no greasy animal fats running through my veins, or smeared all over my body.
    I like to think that no animal has lost it’s life so I can eat, I really love my very natural wholegrain and vegetable based diet, full of freshness,goodness & flavour.
    I love animals and can’t understand why ‘we’ should discriminate as to which species should live and which should be killed, cut up and cooked. It is really barbaric and so bad for our bodies. The western diseases are caused by animal eating along with the environment we live in and our individual genes, we can’t help the latter two but we can help what we eat …so let’s choose the very best of health and eat a wholesome and varied diet.
    Happy eating!

  7. Great article! Think you have summed up the way most vegans feel, its just a really lovely compassionate thing to do, it makes you feel good ethically and can be much healthier too and vegan food is much more yummy! Its just a personal choice at the end of the day that happens to be better for animals, people and the planet : )

  8. Having a vegan diet is the best diet for humans next to fruitarian.l believe that compassion for all living sentient beings is a higher stage in evolution.’Thou shall not kill ‘surely includes all life…Governments like to keep us dumb and so i cant see them supporting vegan/vegetarian diets even though they know the truth.

  9. Thanks, Becky! I originally became vegetarian (and then vegan) by being unable to distinguish between our beloved family dog and cows, chickens, and pigs. I, too, sense that more people are finding out how easy and rewarding it is to follow a vegan diet and lifestyle, and brief, supportive articles like yours are inspiring them to do so. Living the positive (“I love being vegan!”) as an example goes much further in helping people to think about trying it out.

  10. I became vegetarian about 7 years ago and then vegan about 1 year ago after reading THE WORLD PEACE DIET. I find plenty of healthy food to eat from local farmer’s market and a group of local farmers that deliver a basket to my home once a week. I love to cook and eat, and constantly try new foods and recipes. I will celebrate my 65th birthday in May, and take no medications just vitamins! I also teach yoga which encourages veganism.

  11. I’ve been vegan nearly my entire adult life. My family ate terrible food–the vegetables were cooked to mush with bacon and way too much salt, and every meal had meat and dairy. I learned to cook as a vegan and I have to say I’m an awesome cook–really I get requests to bring certain foods to events. I love animals so much and it makes me so happy to help them in every way I can. I remember when I was younger I held back some of the natural love I felt for animals, knowing that they would be killed and eaten, like the chickens my family kept or wild animals my father hunted. As a vegan I don’t experience this horrible conflict any longer.

  12. “raising a cow humanely” doesn’t happen. Those big companies who produce meat & dairy want people to believe that (and that organic means raised humanely). So I would never even get to the argument of whether killing animals is murder – it’s the horrific torture and extreme violence that is unacceptable before they are killed that is hidden away from the public

    1. I’m thinking of much smaller farms than the ones you’re talking about. Of course, in factory farms those poor cows live just as you describe, but there are farmers out there with just a few cows who do treat them well. My mom’s uncle Jimmie had a farm, and his cows grazed outdoors all day and even got hugs from the kids who played on the farm. But, like I mention above, there’s still no such thing as humane meat because of the killing.

      What I love about being vegan is that I don’t take part in that system. :) What do you love about being vegan?

  13. Marcy Greenhut

    I would include everything you said on your list, and add this:

    Growing and eating plants is healthier for the planet and all the those who inhabit the planet and who depend on the water, air and soil found here.

  14. Becky …I’d say all of the things you listed here. I’ve been vegan for about 4 years now, and it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done in all ways. I’m healthier … and I’m SO much happier. I enjoy everything, including food, in ways I didn’t even know were possible. And every single part of my life has been affected in some positive way. I always say that I think I was born vegan … it just took a while for me to figure out what to do about it.

  15. I’ve slowly been eating less and less meat. I work for a huge produce company, so that helps. Nice article, Beck. People who think like you are another great reason to think about going vegan. I’ve never met a douchey vegan, (a couple of douchey macrobiotics, back in college maybe) and am proud to count some very nice ones among my friends. Maybe a clean body makes one nicer…?

  16. I’ve developed a stronger, healthier relationship with food, myself and those around me. Becoming vegan was something I’d wanted to do for a long time but never could quite commit to. Now that I am I feel like I am being true to myself, and knowing that I am one less person contributing to the suffering of farm animals is a pretty good feeling.

  17. I read somewhere the following quote: “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for lifetime.”
    My vegan version: “Teach a man how to grow potatoes instead and you can feed the world!”

  18. I have been vegan for two whole days! well, two and about a half ;) i’m so excited about this lifestyle decision, even though it’s a little scary. it’s scary because i KNOW this is the right choice, and so i feel like i just totally altered my life by decididing to go vegan. saying that, it seemed like a good thing!…not scary haha. i’ve always loved animals, and have definitely thought about why i eat meat.. and i have always come up with the lamest reasons ie: “they’re already dead..?” and when i want to stop eating meat, i’m always like “but wait a minute, aren’t eggs and dairy products just as bad?” well..a few nights ago i was in my dorm room and looked up some vegan info online, and was just sorta thinking about it etc.. then the next day, i went to my school’s library, went to a room that i Never work in, and sat down at a computer. i look down on the table, and there’s a vegan pamphlet opened up just staring at me! i just laughed to myself, cause i knew that was a sign..and that i was going to do it. i’m really really happy i’ve decided to go vegan. i feel like i’m being more true to myself. loving animals so much, how could i go on living a non-vegan life? even writing this is getting me excited. another thing that scares me though is how recent this is. i don’t want to slip up and give up. i just want to fast-forward a year from now and so i know i can do it!

    1. Congratulations on making the leap! Even if you do slip up, I don’t think that’s any reason to give up or beat yourself up. Change is tough, and its great to hear that you’re so enthusiastic!

  19. This is so nice reading everyone’s positive experiences. I have been vegetarian since I was 14, and now 10 years later I have discovered I am lactose intolerant, so I think I ought to just finish what nature started and go vegan. I adore cheese, but I think with time I can get over that. Wish me luck!

  20. I’ve been vegan for a little over 3 weeks now. I find it amazing that in just 3 weeks you can feel so much better. I bake for family a lot, and they find it amazing when I tell them that what they just ate was vegan. :)

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