Eating Vegan: The Vegan Month of Food is Here!

Vegan Month of Food Logo

This month marks the fourth annual Vegan Month of Food (Vegan MoFo for short). Vegan foodies across the web are going to be posting every day about the joys of eating vegan.

While this isn’t a vegan food blog, we definitely appreciate the health and environmental benefits of vegan eats. I’ve been following the MoFo for the past couple of days and have already run across some really delicious recipe ideas! Here are some of my favorites so far:

Have any of you guys been following the MoFo? I’m participating on my personal blog and can’t wait to see what recipes my fellow MoFo’er come up with!

  1. brandy

    please remember, some people are vegan for health reasons, but many are vegans because it is wrong to kill other creatures for our own pleasure. we don’t need to do this. we need to question why we accept it as fact that we need to dominate and kill animals for our use.
    be the change, go vegan.

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