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I spent a lot of time in Manhattan, but I’m not ready to leave New York without looking into the delicious, healthy, vegan eats available across the East River in Brooklyn!

The V Spot

I did cartwheels and squealed with glee when I stumbled upon The V Spot. Why? It’s not only a vegan Latin restaurant, it’s a vegan Colombian restaurant!

I’m Colombian, so I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into vegan versions of food I grew up with. They’ve got all sorts of incredible Latin dishes but I HAD to order the Bandeja Paisa, a typical Colombian variety plate of awesome food!

If you aren’t into Colombian food, they also offer breakfast, dessert, and everything in between, and it’s all vegan with plenty of gluten free options. Located in the Park Slope neighborhood, bring cash and a big appetite and enjoy The V Spot! Oh, and they have their own line of products so be sure to stock up!

DunWell Doughnuts

Having opened their doors only a few short months ago is DunWell Doughnuts, Brooklyn’s fully vegan doughnut shop in Williamsburg (near Bushwick)! With over 200 doughnut flavors, delicious vegan ice cream and fab coffee, DunWell has quickly become the New York area’s biggest hit.

Artisanal flavors, gourmet execution and a hip Brooklyn vibe make this place an absolute must visit when in town. I had to try flavors like Sweet Potato Pie, Rose with Dark Lavender, and Maple Bourbon because I knew that no other doughnut shop would ever come close to such culinary coolness! Yum!


Now, if you’re in search of a place to eat with your non-vegan dining mates, FoodSwings is the place. Herbivore tested, carnivore approved.

They’ve got a giant menu filled with burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, salads and shakes, so no one will leave this place hungry. They even mock the conventional burger joints by having their own version of a monster burger: The Vegan Heart Attack! Be sure to share some buffalo drumsticks, a ginormous burger (I loved the gyro burger) and save room for a Butterfinger milk shake. Come in for lunch or midnight munchies, but no matter what, find your way to Foodswings in Williamsburg!

Alright, I’m finally heading out of the NYC area. See you soon from a new locale!

Image Credit: Creative Commons photo by Canuckistan

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